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About Milky.Chat 

"It takes a village to raise a child", you probably have already heard about this ancient African proverb, well at Milky.Chat we consider that in nowadays hectic and busy world, parents, educators and close relatives are all urging : “It takes a community to improve kid’s growth!”

Milky.Chat is the solution to build and engage with this community, bond with your kid and improve his/her development!

With Milky.Chat, you can indeed follow and manage your kid’s journey while engaging with all the people who care about your kid : educators at school or after school, family, close friends and even the nanny!! They all play a big part in your kid’s life!

Education becomes a multiple-way partnership between you, educators and your loved ones.

Your kid becomes the center of interest of a small loving fun and safe community dedicated to his/her well-being!

About Cintia 

Cintia Külzer Sacilotto is a mother of two, PhD from the University of Oxford and co-founder & CEO of Milky.Chat.

Cintia was trained as an economist with international experience in entrepreneurship, education, innovation, inclusive and sustainable development.
Cintia was born in a small city from the south of Brazil. She graduated from the Universidad de Chile with a BA and an MSc degrees in Economics. She joined the Department of Economics and the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Studies at University of Chile, to contribute to Latin American developing countries challenges towards innovation and education. Looking at broadening her impact, she enrolled into a PhD at the the University of Oxford within the acclaimed department of International Development. 

Improving kid’s development through the involvement of all the people forming one’s kid’s community is one of the conceptual cornerstone in today’s trend in education. From her background and experience as a mother, Cintia got convinced that the tool to build this online community was still to be invented. And that’s how Milky.Chat and its child centric holistic approach was born.

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