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Milky.Chat brings joy to Jose

As part of our values, Milky.Chat supports the continuous growth of kids. And it comes natural to bring further concrete actions in particular with people in great need.

Jose is 1 year old and lives 2,500 km away from Singapore on the remote island of Iloilo, The Philippines. Due to family issues, Jose lacks milk supply. Relyn, our Singapore Milky.Chat Angel, made us aware of this situation. Together and in a few taps, we put in place a dedicated Milky.Chat Care Chain with local Milky.Chat Angels in Iloilo City, to make sure Jose would get what he/she needs. Every month, we deliver $ 200 of milk to Jose.

Our local Milky.Chat Angels send us regularly news from Jose. It is heartwarming following how Jose is doing.

“Thank you Cintia and the team at Milky.Chat for helping Jose. Jose is getting stronger and every day smile is a gift.” Maria, Jose's grand mother.

Thanks to our Milky.Chats Angels for your care. Let’s create further Milky.Chat Care Chains together.


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